Why Me?

I work in the voluntary Mental Health Sector, have over 10 years experience of working in mental health and more recently have been working in the field of mental health crisis services including at the well known Safe Haven in Aldershot. Following a recent move to the Highlands I am now working in the Hive in Inverness a drop in crisis centre for those experiencing emotional crisis.

In addition to this I have over 20 years experience working within a business environment in both housing and executive departments so I have some knowledge of the issues facing people in daily life. In 2008 following some difficulties at work I decided that I would combine my business knowledge with counselling and use it to help others experiencing difficulties in their day to day life

I have personal experience of the difficulties facing families from teenagers right up through to adulthood and also the difficulties facing parents at differing stages of childhood. Added to this I have worked with several mental health diagnosis and am fully aware of the symptomatic presentations of most mental health conditions.

My experience consists of counselling in sixth form colleges, also hostels for homeless individuals, on Employee Assistance programmes, within Health and Wellbeing and also within crisis services.